An old woman was assaulted by her own family member in Guyana

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Doris Drepaul, an 83-year-old and a resident of Kilmarnock Corentyne Coast Berbice, was alleged to have been assaulted by a family member on 2nd December 2023 in her own home.

As per the information shared by Drepaul’s granddaughter, the accused used to be fed by her grandmother.

The girl added her grandmother has fed and taken care of the person who assaulted her.

While describing the situation, the granddaughter stated that the victim was beaten very badly. The assaulter stripped off the victim’s clothes and dragged her from the back door to the front door.

She also added that the victim was beaten all over her head and body.

It is to be noted that the victim’s head had 27 stitches and her eyes were all swollen up black and blue.

The girl also added that her grandmother was in extreme pain. The assaulter destroyed every little thing presented in her home and also robbed her pension money and her gold rings.

The granddaughter of the victim said that she had found the person who robbed and beaten her.

The girl is pleading for justice for her grandmother.

Few people commented on this incident.

One person commented- So sad, so sad for these elderly people what they are going through, granddaughter, please take care of her, praying for her to get well.

Another person commented- So sad, they are too heartless; I pray for her to recover.

A person commented- I hope that grandma gets justice. Wishing her a speedy recovery.  

It is really saddening that a person cannot trust or rely on someone now as one more incident occurred in Guyana, where a 32-year-old, Ashwin Mahadeo, got shot in the neck by her own fiancé, Neil Madramotoo.

The victim was succumbed to multiple injuries at the New Amsterdam Hospital. She fought a lot for her life, but she couldn’t survive.

She died as a result of Gunshot injuries, Lobar pneumonia and Septic anaemia shock.

Notably, the woman was shot while she was packing items as she was heading towards Port Mourant with her fiancé as their reception was expected to take place.

But such incidents shed light on the fact that a person cannot really trust someone as one is not safe at their own home with their own family members.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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