An Astounding Magician & Skeptic, James Randi Dead At The Age of 92

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James Randi was one of the biggest magicians of all time. He has challenged and won against many spoon benders, faith healers and mind readers that got him the title for being the best skeptic. He is no more and is dead at the age of 92. 


The James Randi Educational Foundation announced and confirmed the death of James. They mentioned it on a simple note that the founder is no more and died on Tuesday due to age-related causes. He was a debunker, atheist, genius and a pure entertainer. 


He gained attention and popularity right from the time when he left school for joining the carnival. He has done great entertaining magical stunts such as escaping from the locked coffin that was submerged deep within the water. This is just a glance at one of his most amazing magic. There are countless of it. 


He was honest with his skills and always ended up the shows with the statement that said everything you saw here is pure tricks, and no super-natural power is involved. He was transparent with his audience, and that is what made him so great in life. 


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