American mogul held for murdering Daniel Langlois in Dominica

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An American Chocolatier mogul and his alleged accomplice are apprehended for the murder of Daniel Langlois, a Canadian animation innovator and eco-resort owner and his partner. Notably, their bodies were discovered in a burned-out car.

Reportedly, the deceased were attacked by a hitman on an idyllic Caribbean Island.

As per Toronto Star reports, the owner of Bois Cotlette Inc., Jonathan Lehrer, seemed to be relaxed when he appeared in Dominica’s court on Wednesday.

Notably, at one point, he even passed a smile and waved at his claimed accomplice, Rober Snider Jr, who is a Dominican resident originally from Florida.

If sources are to be believed, it has been said that he was also charged in connection with the deaths of Langlois and his partner, Dominique Marchand.

It is to be added in the remarks of the authorities that they found their bodies inside a burnt-out car near the tropical getaway they used to manage together on Friday. The site is known as Coulibri Ridge Eco Resort.

The police gave a detailed statement to Telegraph that each of the victims was shot before their vehicle turned sharply off the road and shattered into flames.

It is to be noted that police believed that the couple was killed somewhere between November 29 and December 2, as they were reported missing a few days earlier.

The deadly force happens in the middle of a years-long feud between Langlois and Lehrer, who founded the animation firm Softimage. Their animation is responsible for CGI in beloved movies like “Jurassic Park.”

However, he sold the business to Microsoft for $200 million in 1994 before ultimately moving to Dominica. He notably spent decades planning and advancing their luxury resort with Marchand.

Notably, Lehrer belongs to New Jersey, and he is the owner of the 53-acre chocolate and coffee plantation next to Coulibri Ridge. Unfortunately, Langlois took the chocolate businessman to court in 2018 amidst a dispute due to public roads that cut through Bois Cotlette’s 300-acre estate.

As per the details, Dominica News Online reported that Leher ostensibly blocked off parts of the road with boulders, trenches and equipment, which triggered the legal action from Langlois.

He cited the damages and interference in his economic interests.

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