American Airlines boosts capacity with larger aircraft on Miami-St Kitts route amid huge demand

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St. Kitts and Nevis: As the demand to travel to St Kitts is increasing significantly, the largest airline in the world American Airlines has shifted to a larger aircraft Airbus A321 NEO on the daily Miami to St Kitts route.

The airline replaced the regular daily Boeing 737-800 to accommodate more passengers seeking to travel to the twin island nation.

The flight which is coming now to the island since the last few days has a total of 196 seats while the regular flight had the capacity to hold 172 seats.

The NEO in the Airbus A321 stands for New Engine Option with the flight having bigger engines and are more fuel efficient than the older ones on the normal A320/A321 family. The neo family are the direct rivals to the Boeing 737 MAX family.

The development showcase that the demand is rising, and these flights are coming heavy, demonstrating that the island is moving in the right direction. The continuous surge in the passenger arrivals also showcases the increasing fame of the island among travellers across the world.

As the development was announced, the netizens reacted to it with some even saying that it is a huge thing for the small island.

A user named Leroy Claude Williams lauded the tourism minister and said, “The honorable Marsha Henderson is doing a bang-up job in the Tourism ministry. Big up yourself and keep up the good work,” while another user said, “My view is that they could also be trying to drive JetBlue out of the market. They’ve dropped their prices whilst adding seats. So, either demand is really good or that. Let’s hope it’s the latter.”

It is to be noted that Tourism Minister Marsha Henderson brokered a deal with the airline to increase airlift into the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport in St Kitts, which eventually benefitted the entire Federation.

George Henry
George Henry
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