51 families will be shifted to new climate-resilient homes in Dominica

51 families will be shifted to new climate-resilient homes in Dominica

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Dominica:  Housing Minister of Dominica, Reginald Vixtor Austrie, addressed the nation regarding strategies to boost Housing Project in Cabinet Press Conference 2021.

In 2019, the administration announced that the people of dynamic Dominica would be properly housed, and our national housing and property stock will be amongst the highest quality and most resilient in the Caribbean.

He declared, “The government is ensuring its commitment to making 5000 affordable, sustainable, and resilient homes for the people of Dominica over the five-term period.”

He stated, “the government is currently working on six-key initiatives and programs which they believe will make the regime’s dream of 5000 houses in reality.”

Additionally, Housing Minister discussed the future Housing Program in Dominica, which is as follows:

Resilient Housing Program’s plan of action

Under the Resilient Housing Program, the administration has associated with MC Montreal Consultant Enterprise Limited had successfully completed 901 homes, including Bellevue Chopin.

Dominican politician Austrie announced, “We have ongoing 51 homes in the Upper River-bank and 221 additional homes that would be commenced before the financial year.”

“Fifty-one homes of the Upper River-bank comprise two buildings, 24 apartments, and constructed by Chinese Company which is 65% complete and would be finished by June 15, 2021,” he stated.

Moreover, he stated, Bill number two (comprises 27 units) is constructed by Reno company which is 30% constructed, would be completed by August 2021.

He announced, “In June, July, August, 51 houses will be built, and 51 families would be relocated to start their new lives.

Housing Recovery Project 

Housing Recovery Project is funded by the government of Dominica, which was received by World Bank $ 108 million dollars EC and 30000 US grant money by the World Bank and ten million US is loan money contracted by the government of Dominica.

This project is delayed due to factful reasons, and 2800 applications have been received, but the project is targeting 676 homes from 1700 initial are being considered by the criteria set by World Bank.

Housing revolution of Dominica

Housing Minister stated, “15 years ago (2006), the Housing revolution of Dominica was born, and it was dependent upon dozens of components, but two components were major- Quarter Regulation Programme and loans from AID Bank and House in Loans Board with low-interest rates.”

Furthermore, he added, ” the government witnessed a rapid drop in mortgage in interest loans that was the major drive in the construction boom observed in Dominica.”

“In 2014, the Labour Party manifesto announced its intention to construct 1500 homes across the country; further, and this initiative was interrupted by the passage of Tropical Storm Erika in 2015,” he stated.

To deal with the outcomes of Tropical Storm Erika, the government had to relocate the two communities to Granby St. and Bellevue Chopin, where 20353 homes are situated that is a major tourist attraction.

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