Tragic drowning of 4-year-old girl in the Bahamas. (Image Credits: The Tribune)

4-year-old drowns at beach in The Bahamas

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A heart wrenching story is coming out of The Bahamas where reportedly, a 4-year-old girl lost her life at a beach. The Abaco Police Department is looking into the incident which occurred on Saturday.

According to reports, police officials were informed of a female toddler who got separated from her mother in a gated community in South Abaco. Unfortunately, the toddler was found unconscious a short while later at a beach in the area.

People who were present at the spot retrieved the girl from the water and made every attempt to revive her. Despite administering CPR on the toddler, she did not respond to their efforts.

Subsequently the child was taken to a local medical facility where she was examined by a doctor. According to the medical personnel who performed the examination, the girl showed no vital signs and was not responsive to any efforts made to revive her.

As a result, the doctor declared her time of death. The case has saddened the local community immensely and has forced local authorities to look into the matter with the intent of piecing together the chain of events that led to the death of the young girl.

As of now, very few details have been confirmed as the police continues to investigate the case with diligence.