22-year-old man burnt in presence of police in Bagotville

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Georgetown, Guyana: Daniel Phillips, a 22-year-old resident of Bagotville Centre Road in West Bank Demerara (WBD), suffered severe burns to his face and body when four men threw a harmful substance at him on Saturday night in Bagotville. The assault, which took place in the presence of numerous police officials, resulted in multiple burns on Phillips’ face and neck, causing significant swelling in his eyes.

Details of the attack

At approximately 21:00 hours on Saturday night, the four individuals, reportedly neighbours of the family, allegedly armed with a gun, attacked Daniel Phillips. According to the family, they threatened to shoot Phillips while he was walking on the road.

In an attempt to escape, the 22-year-old ran into someone’s yard to hide and initiate a call to the police for assistance.

As soon as officers reached the scene, Phillips went with the police to identify the men, and it was then that the men threw a corrosive substance on him in the presence of police, which caused him multiple burns.

The ranks immediately jumped into their vehicle and asked the victim to come with them and leave the suspects to escape. However, the victim was very unconscious and screaming because of the substance that was thrown at him.

The police reportedly drove off and left him behind without chasing the suspects or rendering any assistance to the badly injured man.

In due course of time, the victim’s family took him to the hospital, and he was treated by the doctors and was subsequently discharged.

Meanwhile, another relative of the family gave a statement and stated, “Every day these people are threatening my three cousins even with guns when they go to the station, they don’t take their report. Because the same police would go to the house of the suspects and drink rum and eat.”

He further added they threatened to kill his cousin, Anna, who is 23 years old. They ripped their house apart about three weeks ago. Now, this has been going on for years, but nothing has come out of that.

Additionally, last night, the Guyana Police Force disclosed that the matter is being investigated by the Officer of Professional Responsibility (OPR).

Additional details of the matter

Initially, in April of this year, his family was seeking police intervention after their home was stoned and pelted with bottles by the same men, which damaged all their windows.

The family had made several complaints to the police, but nothing has been done to date. Notably, the Home Affairs Minister had intruded into the matter.

According to a statement made by the victim’s relatives, those men have been attacking the family, especially the females, for years due to property.

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