Windsurf and Starflyer grace shores of Nevis, many others to arrive

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St Kitts and Nevis: Windstar Cruises windsurf and Starfyler-USA docked at the ports of St Kitts and Nevis on January 21, 2024. With this, the country welcomed a significant count of passengers giving a boost to tourism.

The Wind surf arrived at 8 am, while the Star Flyer came at 12 pm. Interestingly, both cruises departed simultaneously at 5 pm. Such arrivals of the cruises contribute to the tourism of the country as the passengers come and explore various attractions. 

“Our museums are open!!,” mentioned Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS).

The statement was mentioned by considering the arrival of cruises in the country. More cruise ships are expected to give their calls to the nations this cruise season. Along with this month, the Tourism Authority of Nevis has also released the schedule for the month of February as well.

The society also shared some of the glimpses of this.

Tourism in Nevis with the passengers by Windsurf and Starfyer, credits to NHCS Facebook Page
Tourism in Nevis with the passengers by Windsurf and Starfyer, credits to NHCS Facebook Page

In this month, three more cruise ships will arrive from which one will give a call on January 27 at 8 am and depart at 5 pm. The name for this cruise is the Sea Dream 2. Another one that is Sea Cloud 2 will arrive on January 29 (Monday) at 6 am, and will depart at 8 pm.

The last one of this month will arrive on the last day of this month, which is January 31, 2024. The Spirit of Discovery, with its arrival, will bring a significant count of passengers to the nation.

Probing ahead, a total of 12 cruises will be welcomed by Nevis in the month of February. And, two cruises, namely Wind Surf and Star Flyer, will come in the first week of the month on February 4.

Further, Sea Cloud 2 and Sea Dream 2 will arrive on February 8 and 13, respectively. The former one will arrive at 7 am and depart at 2 pm while the latter one will arrive at 8 am and depart at 5 pm. Following it, Sea Dream 3 will come on February 13 and will stay from 8 am to 5 pm in the nation. 

Then, Sea Dream 1 will arrive on February 15 at 7 am and will leave at 6 pm. Additionally, three cruises are scheduled for February 18, and the names of these cruises are Sea Dream 1, Wind Surf and Star Flyer.

The other four cruise ships that are Sea Cloud 2, Club Med 2, Sea Cloud 2 and Emerald Azzura, are set to arrive on February 22, 24, 26 and 27, respectively.

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