Perfect tour guide: Enjoy wonderful tour at Nevis

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St Kitts and Nevis: Nevis, a sister island to St Kitts, is a beautiful place to be explored, having many tour attractions to offer the best to the visitors. The island has all in it, from rich heritage to relaxing beaches.

No doubt, the island covers only 36 square miles, however it consists of a lot including the adventures. Climbing mountainous peaks, exploring beautiful beaches and lakes and playing pickleball. The country has everything which a person desires to explore when thinking of a perfect trip.

The adventures in the country have no limits and if a person wishes to have a perfect tour of such a beautiful island, here is the tour guide:

Nevis Peak

The foremost is climbing the Nevis Peak,  the views from the peak are so beautiful and stretch across the southeastern part of the Island and the Caribbean Sea. Such scenic views offer a smoother and more pleasant treat to the eyes. Wherever one goes on the Island, all the beauty is shrouded in the clouds.

Things need to be kept in mind :

  • One needs to be prepared for a path guided by ropes attached to tree trunks, thick fern trees, and the occasional scamper of vervet monkeys to greet you on the way.
  • One should be dressed in very comfortable attire that is trainers and sweatpants.
  • Climbing the peak is not an easy task so one should at least exercise running at least 30 minutes a day and do strength training.

Historical journey to the life of Alexander Hamilton

The capital of Island, Charlestown holds the history of Alexander Hamilton at the Alexander Hamilton Birthplace Museum. And, a historical tour to it requires just a little time which includes a walk around the picturesque.

Moreover, one must visit Pastel-fronted town which just costs £10. There are two cottages which make up the museum and in this also, the first one holds a walk through his life and work, across a sunshade courtyard which is a second cottage.  In the museum, there are candleholders, portraits, and decorative plates which can carry one along the journey.

Sunshine’s bar in Nevis

A journey to this beautiful island is incomplete until you visit Sunshine’s bar, which is just a few minutes walk from the Four Seasons Hotel and is open to everyone. The collection of high tables around the bustling bar, filled with locals is known for its signature drink, a ‘Killer Bee’ (a rum cocktail), a favorite among locals and visitors.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens showcase a diverse collection of plants including the national tree, the Flamboyant, national flower, the Poinciana. In the green hours, even the parrots echo one’s spoken words and vervet monkeyscan be spotted across the grounds.


Beauty in Nevis, credits to Nevis Tourism Authority
Beauty in Nevis, credits to Nevis Tourism Authority

Coastline Cruise

The Coastline Cruise offers the best views of Nevis’ natural coastline. The ride on a sailing yacht completes the visitor’s tour experience by offering the waves of the Caribbean Sea.

Best Hotels to stay in Nevis

There are two most popular hotels, the Four Seasons Hotel and Golden Rock Inn which offer super cozy and luxurious amenities. The stay at both hotels will provide the best feeling of joy and pleasure at the place.

Four Seasons Resort in Nevis, credits to Nevis tourism Authority Facebook Page
Four Seasons Resort in Nevis, credits to Nevis Tourism Authority Facebook Page

Significantly, the mobility to the island is very convenient as there are two flights in a week from London to Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport (St Kitts) by British Airways. Further, tourists can use water taxis for easy access to the small, beautiful island of Nevis.

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