Will US government ever lift sanctions from Cuba?

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Havana, Cuba: At the time, when the Caribbean island was already suffering from the economic blockades and the sanctions levied by the United States government for almost a decade, once again, the US administration imposed travel bans on Cuba during the first week of this year. 

United States’ foreign policy has always been this stringent towards Cuba. These sanctions have severely impacted the lives of the Cuban people, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

It is obvious that a developing state cannot stand against the world’s superpower. The world leaders and several international organizations, including the United Nations, came on a platform opposing and criticizing the decision of the United States government and asking to lift the numerous blockade from the island country so that it can also develop.  

The US President Joe-Biden led administration never provided an official statement when it would lift these blockades put on the Caribbean island. Although, President Biden, to date, has not lifted any of the sanctions but have imposed additional ones. 

Following the last year’s protest that took place in Cuba, in July, amid the shortage of food, fuel and medicines in the island country, following which the US administration has banned at least eight Cuban high-rank government officials from entering the borders of the United States, for their involvement in the strike. Under the sanctions, American companies and other business organizations are barred from trading business with Cuba.  

The history of the embargos goes back to the year 1958, when the US government, for the first time, imposed a sanction on the sales of arms on island country; since then, the legacy has not been stopped, and at the present time, more than 300 sanctions are imposed on Cuba.  

The question which is frequently being asked is that Will the US government ever lift these sanctions and embargo? And if yes, then when?. The world is totally in support of the Caribbean island. 

In reply to the recent travel ban, which was announced by the US Secretary of State Antony J Blinken, the Foreign Minister of Cuba Bruno Rodríguez tweeted, “The US regime continues in the bad habit of attempting to impose its will on the other governments through unilateral coercive measures. The announcement by the – US Secretary of State does not alter by one Cuba’s determination to defend its sovereign rights.” 



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