What goes around, comes around: UK PM Boris Johnson resigns
What goes around, comes around: UK PM Boris Johnson resigns

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – Boris Johnson, will be resigning soon as the Prime Minister of UK and leader of the Conservative Party leader on July 7, 2022 (Thursday). The announcement was made after a historic number of government resignations, which came following the series of scandals that resulted in Johnson’s position untenable.

Indeed it was a stunning fall for the Prime Minister, who won the 2019 elections with a historic 80-seat majority. At that time, everyone believed that Johnson’s popularity and the weaknesses of the opposition party would make him serve for at least two terms, but something unaccepted happened.


Johnson’s endless scandals have instead seen him ousted in disgrace in less than three years.

It is said that what goes around, comes around and this is what exactly happened with the UK Prime Minister. Recently, Boris Johnson participated in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet 2022 (CHOGM), where he supported Jamaican candidate Kamina Johnson Smith and tried his best to oust Patricia Scotland from the race to become Commonwealth Secretary-General. Reportedly, Johnson was working behind the scenes to remove Scotland from the post for the past two years, claiming that she has not modernised the institute. He publicly announced that the UK would be supporting the rival of Scotland. Johnson stated “the UK will be supporting Jamaican candidate – Kamina Johnson, for her vast experience.”

However, he failed at that time as well; his bid failed dramatically as the meeting decided to keep Baroness Scotland as the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth. Boris Johnson started this bitter briefing war against CSG Scotland because earlier, she served as a Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom Labour Party. Patricia Scotland defeated Jamaica’s Kamina Johnson Smith in the CHOGM 2022 held at Kigali, Rwanda and secured 27 votes out of 54.

This was not the first time when Johnson was questioned; earlier in June 2022, he faced a no-confidence vote after he was blamed for breaking the law by attending several social gatherings amid the country was dealing with the COVID-19 cases spike. Meanwhile, he managed to survive the vote, but the “party gate” scandal damaged his popularity extremely.

About Boris Johnson:

UK Prime Minister Johnson is one of the controversial figures in British politics who assumed office on July 23, 2019. People across the globe make fun of him as humorous, entertaining as well as poor leadership. He was repeatedly targeted by the critics because of lying, elitism, cronyism, bigotry as well as amorality.


About Patricia Scotland:

CSG Patricia Scotland, a British diplomat, barrister and politician, has been serving as the sixth secretary-general of the Commonwealth of Nations. She took office on April 1, 2016, and became the first woman to hold the post.