St Lucia: The weather forecast department of the Caribbean country, during the forecast period, lingering moisture and instability in the wake of a tropical wave will continue to generate cloudiness, showers, and possibly isolated thunderstorms, mainly over the southern half of the Lesser Antilles.

As per the department, St Lucia will witness a strong tropical wave located about 950 miles east-southeast of the southern Windward Island, which has been moving westward near 17 mph or 28 kilometres per hour.

The environmental conditions appear favourable to further development, and there are expectations that a tropical depression will form in the next couple of days. The system is forecasted to reach the Windward Islands on Tuesday night and move over the southeastern Caribbean Sea on Wednesday and Thursday. Interests in the Windward Islands should monitor the progress of this system.

The department further stated that the country would witness another tropical wave over the eastern Tropical Atlantic, which has been moving westward near 15 mph or 24 kilometres per hour. It further warned that this wave has a low chance of further development during the next five (5) days.

Furthermore, the department informed that a fourth tropical wave has been moving westward near 20 mph or 31 kilometres per hour from the West African coast.

As per the weather forecast department, the forecast for the next 24 hours, St Lucia, will be:

Winds will be blowing to the west near 24 mph or 39 km/h.

Weather: Cloudy with light showers and heavy to isolated thunderstorms.

Residents and motorists in areas prone to flooding are advised to be cautious, as periods of heavy showers may cause flooding in areas susceptible to this hazard.

Marine Forecast for seas in a 25-mile or 40 km radius from St Lucia:

Tides for Castries Harbour: Low at 7:21 pm and High at 1:58 am.

Tides for Vieux Fort Bay: Low at 8:48 pm and High at 3:05 am.

Seas: Locally rough with waves and north-easterly to easterly swells 6 to 9 feet or 1.8 to 2.7 metres.

Small craft operators, as well as sea bathers, are advised to exercise caution due to brisk winds, locally rough seas and reduced visibility.