US Virgin Islands announces rotational power outages

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The Water and Power Authority (WAPA) of the US Virgin Islands has announced that it will be applying a system of rotational power outages in the district of St. Thomas/ St. John, adding that adverse marine conditions have forced them to take this decision. St. Croix will also feel the effects of this shift as generation units in the area are taken offline.

The authorities have given a tentative schedule, according to which the rotational power outages will be in effect from Friday, the 12th of April. A decision will then be taken, depending on marine conditions, as to whether the outages will be stopped on Sunday, the 14th of April or not.

The Water and Power Authority (WAPA) recognized that the situation is inconvenient for some but explained that this is the only course of action which ensures that the supply can be maintained and large-scale, long-term outages are avoided.

By making sure that services are maintained across the board, the authorities are attempting to protect the most vulnerable communities in the region, which would be affected the most by large scale outages.

The current weather conditions, coupled with dwindling fuel reserves mean that the St. Thomas/St. John district is at the risk of experiencing long term outages. If this comes to pass, it would have a drastic effect on the district, making the lives of residents quite difficult.

Hence, the rotational outages help maintain a supply which allows the district to function, avoiding a major disruption in the lives of its residents.

St. Croix is also going to face difficulties as multiple generation units in the area are expected to go offline on Saturday. As a result, the Estate Richmond Power Plant’s capacity for production will go down, which is why rotational power outages will be in effect during the peak hours, which are expected to be from 12 pm to 1 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm.

The authorities have requested residents to conserve electricity and avoid straining the electrical grid as such a situation could compound upon the problems already being faced in the region. A schedule of the rotational power outages that can be expected in St. Croix has not been provided yet.

The Chief Operation Officer at the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority, Ashley Bryan, stated the following, “We understand the inconvenience these outages may cause, but they are essential to prevent larger disruptions across the district and ensure more feeders are with electrical service throughout the weekend.”

“We’re working to find a balance between minimising brief outages that affect a smaller number of customers and the potential for a larger-scale outage across the district. We appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our customers during this time.”

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