Two young girls shot mistakenly amid locals dispute at Las Lomas

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Trinidad and Tobago: Two young girls, aged 14 and 20, are reportedly in critical condition after getting shot by a gunman on Sunday in Las Lomas. The incident took place around 7:20 PM at Savory Road when a man started shooting at a group, resulted hitting the girls.

After the incident, the locals called the Police to investigate the matter. The officials reached the crime spot immediately and negotiated with several eyewitnesses.

Meanwhile, in an ongoing investigation, it was revealed that the two girls, identified as Isabella Teelucksingh and Hema Boodoo, aged 14 and 20, respectively, were there with a group of people when an unknown man took a gun and began shooting.

The Police also reported that, earlier in the evening on Sunday, the gunman and another man, who was later standing among that group, got into a quarrel.

The suspected gunman is 45-year-old Sunil Ramrattan, aka ‘Badman’, who got into a heated argument with a man in Las residence.

After a while, the gunman returned with a gun; on noticing the man standing with several people in the group, he began shooting continuously.

However, the 20-year-old victim is in critical condition and is admitted at the Wendy Fitzwilliam Paediatric Hospital, Mt Hope.

Meanwhile, it is to be noted that the 14-year-old of Cunupia has been pronounced brain dead after getting shot in her forehead by the doctors at the hospital.

Social media is filled with reactions

Several community members extended their heartfelt condolences to the families of the two victims and also expressed their sadness over the incident. People took down the social media handles to express their dismay and present their thoughts and opinions.

A user, identified as Emily Ramnaman, in a comment section, “Too many senseless murders, Coward shouldn’t be on the run now,
Condolences to her family”.

“So sad condolences to the family. I hope the individual is caught,” another user reacted.

“But why is he hiding now? He is a bad man. Bad mad don’t hide or run fromPoliceolice,” the other user mentioned.

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