Trinidad and Tobago Police seizes firearms, ammunition, narcotics & recovers stolen vehicles

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The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service conducted an anti-crime exercise, resulting in the seizure of a firearm, ammunition, narcotics and the recovery of three stolen vehicles. The operation was performed on Thursday, 11th January 2024.

As soon as the officers received the information about arms trafficking, they immediately rushed to the spot. Following this, they started an investigation into the matter. During this, the officers identified a suspect whose vehicle was intercepted at a gas station in Preysal.

Notably, the authorities conducted a search of the suspect, where they found two plastic bags from him. The bags contained 68 rounds of 9-mm ammunition.

As per the information, three people were sitting in the vehicle and all three of them were apprehended and escorted to the Southern Division, where charges were read against them.

Moreover, the authorities of the Port of Spain Task Force received information at around 11:30 pm and they responded to the matter by heading towards St Barbs Laventille Area. As soon as the officials reached the nearby surroundings of McShine Lane, they found a man who was looking in the direction of the police vehicle and immediately ran to see the officers. The officers tried to chase him, but the suspect was successful in escaping.

When the officials searched the area, they discovered two kilograms of marijuana and one loaded pistol magazine containing six rounds of 9-mm ammunition.

The officers of the North Central Division were on mobile patrol in Tunapuna district when they received the news that a firearm was placed in the Savanah area at the corner of Balthazar and Maingot Road Tunapuna. When the authorities received the news, they responded to the matter and conducted a detailed search of the stated area. On searching the location, the officials found a rifle containing two rounds of 7.62 calibre ammunition.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police arrested two suspects on charges of vehicle theft during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the North Central Division. Following the investigation, the police party recovered a white Nissan Tiida, which was reported stolen from Mayfield Rd Valsayn North, a white 320 I BMW, which was reported stolen in the Central Division and a white AD Wagon, which was reported to be stolen in Tunapuna District.

The authorities also conducted a drug block eradication exercise in the Tunapuna and St Joseph Police districts, where the authorities seized a total of 1066 grams of marijuana. Out of these, 720 grams were found on Benny Lane, and 346 grams were found at Monte Grande.

Meanwhile, in Tobago, the officers conducted a mobile patrol exercise when they headed towards Milford Court, Bon Accord, and held search exercises on various people. When the authorities conducted a search, they found four transparent plastic bags. The bags contained 110 grams of marijuana in a bushy area nearby. The officers also found 163.3 grams of marijuana when they held an exercise on the Scarborough Port and the external areas.

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