T&T: Kamla blames govt of instructing police to use tear gas on protesters

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: The Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar, blamed Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for giving instructions to the police authorities to use tear gas on the demonstrators, calling a probe into the matter. The strike was taking place on Sunday at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

According to the remarks made by Kamla, the use of tear gas was pre-planned and made on the instruction of the prime minister, highlighting that, “I do not believe the police did it all on their own, someone high up intervened. I condemn what took place at Queen’s Park Savannah, and we must not forget it”.

Videos related to the incident are being surfaced on the internet. Underscoring the consequences of using tear gas, the opposition leader further questioned the police authorities of Trinidad and Tobago, asking, do they really understand that they are putting the lives of people at risk by using tear gas.

“Those who took that action will have to pay for that action. I call for a full investigation to be done to determine where and why and when; who gave that instruction? Is it the same high official who said remove the police Merit List?”, Bissessar noted.

The government led by Prime Minister Rowley is taking the island and its people down the road, she added, while asking the police officials to investigate the matter.

“I call on the police authorities to probe into this matter and reveal the truth in front of the general public. We have a man blatantly openly admitting he broke the law and nobody saying squat, but yesterday (on Sunday), you go out there and tear gas people”.

A few days back, PM Rowley accepted that he had breached the public health regulations when he swig a beer in Castara, to which Kamla Bissessar highlighted that this violation states a fine of $5,000 fine.

The opposition made the remarks on the party’s meeting, which took place on Monday.