Opposition leader Bissessar raises concern over death of 4 men, calls for investigation in matter

TT Bissessar denounces PM Rowley, says govt failed to protect citizens from crime

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Trinidad and Tobago: The leader of opposition Kamla Persad-Bissessar denounced the PM Rowley-led administration, during a media briefing on February 27 (Sunday).

The leader stated that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has failed to protect the citizens of the country. Bissessar further commented that Trinidad and Tobago had become a nation where criminals feel ‘emboldened’ to commit any crime.

“The Government has shown that it is completely impotent and incapable of dealing with crime. Our citizens are living in a nightmarish reality where criminals feel emboldened to commit crimes with impunity. The Government has failed in its duty to protect citizens. This is one of the core responsibilities of any government, and they have failed miserably,” she mentioned.

She further claimed that the crimes in the country could not be decreased by passing legislation. “We have repeatedly told this Government that crime requires a holistic approach; it cannot be about passing legislation alone,” the leader of opposition stated.

She added that the United National Congress (UNC) has understood that education and awareness are important to end the violence in our communities.

“The UNC understands that improving education and providing better economic opportunities for families and our young people are keys to ending violence in our communities. It is about investing in people. But this Rowley administration isn’t concerned about that. They cut funding to programmes that young people could have benefited from; they closed the GATE,” Bissessar stated.

Persad Bissessar added, “Just yesterday, the Opposition brought a motion on the Government’s failure to address the increasing and unacceptable levels of disparity inequitable access to education”.

She further expressed deep concern over the country’s situation and called the PNM government to get serious about the business of governing and take steps to secure our nation.

“The situation that faces us today is deeply concerning. I again call on this PNM Government to get serious about the business of governing and take steps to secure our nation,” Bissessar concluded.