Trinidad & Tobago: Only fully vaccinated athletes permitted to participate in sports events

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Port of Spain: The Health Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Terrence Deyalsingh, noted the island’s hospitalisation situation is far sounder than other nations as the world heads into the third year of the deadliest novel coronavirus. COVID-19 outbreak has racked the healthcare system of countries across the globe. 

In relation to the above statement, he underscored that in several countries, some hospitals are rejecting to admit patients, but this is not the condition of Trinidad and Tobago. 


“At the time, while citizens are calling for more resources, what we need is more vaccination coverage rate and less reliance on Ivermectin. There are no more healthcare workers, laboratories, ambulances to spare,” the health minister outlined. 

Talking about Trinidad and Tobago’s vaccination rate, Minister DeyalSingh stated more of the population is inoculated against the COVID-19, the less demand will be on the healthcare systems, as vaccination provides safety. 

He furthermore asserted, “You cannot keep on adding resources if folks decide ‘I am not going to get vaccinated, and that is why the conversation has to be, not adding more of this or more of that, but more vaccinations”.

In addition, seeing the current situation of the country, Sports Minister Shamfa Cudjoe announces a ‘Safe Zone Return to Play’ proposal, which permits to holding of sports events for fully vaccinated athletes, which will come into effect from Monday, January 24, 2022, after the new public health regulations will be published. 

Meanwhile, as per the new guidelines, the fully inoculated coaches, officials, and administrators will be allowed to attend the events at particular sporting facilities.  

“Approval has also been granted for the fully-immunised spectators to attend the sports events at 50% facility capacity for the outdoor events, and 25% facility capacity for the indoor events subject to guidelines to be issued by the Ministry of Health”, the sports minister added.  


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