Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival 2022 organisers have extended their thanks towards the people who contributed wholeheartedly to the success of this year’s Festival. TTFF mentioned, “We cannot fully close the curtains on TTFF/22 without sending sincere thank you towards all the contributors.”

TTFF thanked:


The volunteers – none of this would have been possible without each of you! Thank you for your passion and commitment, your helpfulness and your readiness to serve! You made the experience of our guests and filmmakers seamless and memorable.

The limin’ live host, Tracy Hutchings – thank you for your love of films, your infectious energy and for always bringing your A-game! We’re so happy to have you.

The facilitators, panellists, Q&A facilitators and moderators – thank you for offering your time, knowledge and experience to TTFF/22 and to the wider Caribbean film industry. Thank you for creating a truly engaging learning environment at TTFF/22. We appreciate you.

The programmers and jurors – thank you for your commitment, drive and passion for film. We are grateful for all that you have done – with us, for us.

The TTFF/22 filmmakers – thank you for trusting us with your work and for coming along with us on this journey.

And most importantly, from the TTFF/22 team to “the audience” – thank you for showing up and celebrating TT stories, culture, and history, your presence was heartwarming and ‘loud’.