St Lucian govt announces new COVID-19 travel protocols for int’l travellers

Trinidad and Tobago reports 363 new COVID-19 cases

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Trinidad and Tobago: 363 new COVID-19 positive cases reported in Trinidad and Tobago. According to the statistics on February 28, TT experienced six (6) deaths due to the COVID-19 virus, according to the official website of the Ministry of Health. The figures show the constant positivity rate that the country has been experiencing.

The total number of cases recorded by the country is 127,767 till February 28, 2022, out of which 102,314 have been recovered.

With six deaths, the death of the twin-island has reached 3,628. Of the total, six had multiple comorbidities, and no one had any medical history.

The sample was collected between February 23 and February 27, not in 24 hours. Till present, a total of 628,553 tests have been conducted in Trinidad and Tobago at both public (344,823) and private (283,730) facilities.

The hospitals have been occupied by 285 patients at present in Trinidad & Tobago. 56 patients have been discharged from the public health facilities, and 229 have been recovered community cases. Recovered community cases are categorised in those who have been infected by the COVID-19 virus, and they were in self-isolation, and after reaching the discharge, criteria had been released from self-isolation.

Till February 12 noon, 697,163 St Lucians have been given the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines. However, 702,837 people are fully vaccinated, according to the statics by the health ministry. The percentage of fully vaccinated is 50.2 percent.

As per the statics by the health ministry of Trinidad and Tobago, as many as 135,494 residents have been administrated by booster doses.