Trinidad and Tobago: Kamla Bissessar raises questions on govt over NCC funds

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Trinidad and Tobago: The Leader of Opposition Kamla Persad Bissessar, on Thursday said that PNM has shown its incompetence as it scrambles the approval of the funds for the National Carnival Commission 2022.

Opposition leader Bissessar further raised question on the ruling government and asked that how the funds have been generated if the NCC received no allocation in the Budget 2022. “The NCC received no allocation for funding in the 2022 Budget, so then where is the money coming from?” stated Kamla Persad.

She further questioned that from where the Carnival Commission have been receiving $30 million funds.

Kamla Persad added that the country has been dealing with a lot due to the global pandemic COVID-19 for the past two year. But evidently, PNM has been only concentrating on the planning of the Carnival 2022 from last two days.

The statement was released by the leader of the opposition just a few hours before Randall Mitchell, minister of tourism, culture and art, announced that NCC would receive funding of $15 million, not $25million or $30 million as stated by NCC Chairman Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters.

She added that Randall Mitchell was prompted to backtrack and try to spin the issue following a row was erupted over the $30 million figure.

She then raised a question on the spending of the money and asked that where the money has been spent and where is the accountability. She further stated, “Is this money as usual going to friends, family and financiers of the PNM?”

Persad-Bissessar added that the carnival sector that has been unemployed over the past two years will not be benefitted by the introduction of the paltry production. She further said that our artistes, designers and producers, event managers and people associated with this industry deserves better and must be treated because of this government’s lack of vision.