Trinidad and Tobago: CIRC informs about illustration by NCC Virtual Carnival Museum

Trinidad and Tobago: CIRC informs about illustration by NCC Virtual Carnival Museum

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Trinidad and Tobago: The Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago and the Carnival Institute and Regional Carnival (CIRC) shared a Facebook post about “Wayback Wednesday.” The post conveyed information about the illustration by National Carnival Commission (NCC) Virtual Carnival Museum.

“Welcome to Way back Wednesday, where we take you back in time with an illustration taken from the National Carnival Commission (NCC) Virtual Carnival Museum. The illustration was done by Richard Bridgens and is titled “Negro Dance,” the social media post by the organisation mentioned.

It also stated that it depicts the formerly enslaved dancing on the plantation. Dancing was a means of expression for Africans trapped in slavery and allowed them to express both their joys and sorrows. During this time, the formerly enslaved would dance, play musical instruments and sing. These dances were done on the plantation and primarily held on weekends. The enslaved would have dressed in their best attire.

The message by the CIRC concluded and stated that the musical instruments that accompany the dancing include a drum made of a barrel, covered at one end with a piece of dried goat’s skin and a shak-shak, formed out of a hollow calabash, in which some shot or stones are enclosed.

It added, “Although their lives were one of hardship and toil, the enslaved still made time to celebrate. To learn more about other interesting bits of Carnival History, please visit the link below:

Trinidad and Tobago is known to be the land of Carnivals and festivals, showcasing the rich culture and heritage of the Caribbean country. Carnivals in the twin island country are a lively, vibrant and exciting experience that should not be missed. Every year, thousands of individuals flock to the twin island nation to experience colourful and energetic festivities. The Carnival festivities in Trinidad and Tobago have been going on for centuries, and they are unlike any other carnival in the world.