This year you can only file 'paper-based tax' in Dominica 

This year you can only file ‘paper-based tax’ in Dominica 

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Dominica: Coronavirus pandemic has postponed the tax system of Dominica, which needed to pay immediately for revenue; the last day is 31st March 2021.

All the information regarding filing annual taxes in Dominica was discussed in the Anou Pale show. Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit welcomed Mrs Lydia Talot- Assistant Comptroller-Collection LMTS, and Jeoffrey Joseph, Assistant Comptroller-Audit LMTS for the discussion over tax.

PM Skerrit declared that the tax system is under review by the government of Dominica, whose objective is to have one flat-rate of tax; even the IMF is providing help to the government of Dominica to review the tax system.

Assistant Comptroller, Collection LMTS, Lydia Talot asserted that the tax filing period in Dominica continues from January 31 to March 31. 

The function of tax to make government work efficiently and in an effective way without financial disputes. She stated that as corporates have different financial years, they can file their taxes after three months of ending their period. 

Personal Income Tax 

Personal Income Tax in Dominica, which is most popular in the nation, if people cannot file the tax, they can talk to comptroller and comptroller has full authorisation to decide whether access would be given or not,” Jeoffrey Joseph added.

Filing tax is distinctive than paying taxes

“Filing taxes means making a declaration about your sources of income and submission of your income. It is a civic duty of the citizen to file tax. It is significant in the country’s development, i.e. running educational institutes, facilitating in health-care,” he added.

Furthermore, Lydia Talot added that every Dominican who makes more than 30,000 dollars per annum is viable for paying taxes in Dominica.

Self-employed people, hairdressers, doctors, contractors, fishers and other related to the agriculture sector are not excused from paying taxes.

On the other hand, where the whole world is dependent on online mode to avoid the pandemic, this year Dominicans will file tax through a paper-based due to technical difficulties.

The people can download online from the official website, and email is also available, stated Jeoffrey Joseph.

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