Tension emerges in Haiti regarding investigation of President Moise’s assassination

Tension emerges in Haiti for investigation of President Moise's assassination
Tension emerges in Haiti for investigation of President Moise's assassination

A former legislator has urged the Government of Haiti to appoint five judges so that they can investigate the assassination of President Jovenel Moise that was done on July 7. The judicial authorities are also not getting any judge who can investigate and give the judgements related to the assassination of President Moise.

Former Deputy Gary Bodeau said that it had been 1 month since the president was assassinated at his private residence, but till today, the government of Haiti or other authorities can not figure out the reason behind the incident that took place on July 7 2021. The authorities should call for a panel of five Haitian judges that United Nations experts should support to begin the investigation. Former prime minister Laurent Lamothe was also raising questions about delays in the investigations.

Former prime minister Laurent Lamothe said that one month has already passed since the tragic assassination of President Jovenel Moise. Still, they have not got any accurate status and reason behind the assassination. The fight would not be easy but unavoidable.

A week ago, the Dean of the Tribunal, Judge Bernard Saint-Vil, highlighted the fact that he is not finding any judge who is willing to open and investigates these “explosive” files.

Martin Moise, the widow of assassinated Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise, hinted that she would be standing as a candidate for presidential elections.

Martin Moise, while answering the questions by the local media house, said that President Jovenel Moise had a vision & now the Haitians would not going to let that die easily. With the message, she also informed the sources that those who came to kill President Moise were also looking for certain documents. They were seeking something in the room, and they found it, and I did not know what it was.

According to the statements, Martine Moise informed that she had been seriously declaring to stand as a candidate for the presidency of Haiti after she would be going through more surgeries on her wounded arm in the coming days.