Taliban's restriction on women's education criticised by US ambassador: Report

Taliban’s restriction on women’s education criticised by US ambassador: Report

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Chris Lu, the United Nations (UN) Representative for UN Management and Reform, criticised the Taliban-imposed prohibition on Afghan women’s education and employment because women in the nation still struggle to lead regular lives, as per TOLO news.

The ambassador emphasised the value of both education and employment, as well as how equal access for women to both can be extremely beneficial to a nation’s development.

“In the first place, we join UNICEF and other Member States in strongly denouncing the Taliban’s decrees banning women from working for NGOs and colleges in addition to the already-existing prohibition on girls attending secondary education. The vitality and resilience of populations, including all young adults and children, regardless of gender, depend on equal access to education and employment,” US Representative for UN Management and Reform Ambassador Chris Lu said in a statement.

The Taliban, in contrast, retorted to the US diplomat and said they governed everything within the parameters of Islamic law.

Additionally, Ambassador Chris Lu asked the international neighbourhood to speak up and demand that Afghanistan’s de facto authorities end restrictions on women’s access to education.

According to updates, the Taliban’s most recent rule prohibits female students from taking university entrance examinations. Following the ruling, the caretaker government issued another decree that forbade women from working for non-governmental organisations. This caused anger on both a national and international scale.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and numerous other Islamic nations and organisations have denounced the restriction on women’s and girls’ access to employment and education as a breach of Islamic law.