China's abrupt reversal of "Zero-COVID" policy causes increase in cases, says Reports

China’s abrupt reversal of “Zero-COVID” policy causes increase in cases, says Reports

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Beijing, China: Many reports had suggested that China is no longer taking preventive steps to halt the country’s COVID spread and is allowing Chinese citizens to roam and travel as they like, adding that this could culminate in a situation similar to 2020 when the infection swept around the world from Wuhan, according to the Asian News International (ANI).

In order to acquire herd immunity and shift its attention back to economic development, certain media sources claim that China is attempting to infect its whole population with COVID.

However, reports indicate that the situation is chaotic, and thousands of people are losing their lives.

However, to stop the spread of COVID, the Chinese government has rejected proposals from Western nations to provide Beijing with stronger and more potent vaccines.

According to a source, the European Union has offered to give China COVID vaccinations to assist China in containing the widespread infection epidemic.

The offer was made in response to the Chinese-manufactured Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines’ failure to induce immunity against COVID, according to the report.

Additionally, according to sources, the ongoing COVID wave in China has left hospitals overcrowded, and cemeteries packed, making it difficult to control the outbreak in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and other major locations.

CNN reports that since the government abandoned its “Zero-COVID” policy, COVID cases have increased in China.

Since bulk testing was discontinued, Chinese officials have reported having difficulty keeping track of the country’s COVID illnesses.

According to CNN, the World Health Organization (WHO) charged China on Wednesday with downplaying the seriousness of its COVID outbreak.

At a media briefing on Wednesday in Geneva, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated: “We continue to encourage China for more rapid, regular, trustworthy data on hospitalisations and deaths, along with more thorough, real-time viral sequencing.”

According to Ghebreyesus, who was reported by CNN, “WHO is worried about the risk to life in China and has emphasised the need for vaccination, including booster doses, to prevent hospitalisation, serious illness, and death.”

In his New Year’s address, Chinese President Xi Jinping defended his COVID policy, calling it “logical and well-thought-out.”

However, Xi failed to mention the government’s lack of preparation and the abrupt end to the “Zero-Covid” policy, which resulted in an increase in cases across the nation, according to Geo-Politik.

He said that a “science-based and targeted approach” was used to adopt the COVID reaction.

According to Geo-Politik, Xi stated that “we have altered our COVID response in light of the shifting scenario using a science-based and targeted approach to protect the life of the public to the greatest extent feasible.”

According to the Geo-Politik, Xi emphasised that officials and members of the public, particularly community workers and medical experts, “bravely stayed to their posts through it.”