Taliban showcased the captured armoury and vehicles in parade

Taliban showcased the captured armoury and vehicles in parade
Taliban showcased the captured armoury and vehicles in parade

The Taliban on Wednesday paraded on the roads of Afghanistan and showcased the vehicles and military hardware, including the ammo and weapons. These hardwares have been captured by the Taliban during the time they took over Afghanistan.

After the taking over of Afghanistan by the Taliban, Qatar Airways was the first flight to land in Kabul. There was a team of technical experts on board who would be working on the technical development of the airport.

The main aim of resuming the flights was to get aid and to provide a way out for those wanting to flee the new regime.

Conversations are going on about who would be next operating in charge of the airport. The more challenges that they are facing is that from being insurgents to work as a government.

The Islamist hardliners who are not yet announcing their new government are celebrating the U.S. withdrawal as a historic victory after taking control of Afghanistan a fortnight ago.

As the last U.S. troops retreat from Afghanistan, and just after that, the Taliban came on the Kabul’s International Airport. They were all in the uniform of U.S. soldiers that were left behind. This withdrawal marks the ending of the 20-years long going war with the Taliban. The leaders of the Taliban said that they will secure their country and will soon reopen the international airport. The photos surfaced on the internet in which the commandos in camouflage uniforms proudly postured for photos.

As just before two days from the U.S. concluding the evacuation mission from Afghanistan, the strike was done. Massive two-week-long airlift of more than 114,000 Afghans and foreigners and retire the last of its troops came to an end. This is the ending of America’s longest war with the Taliban.