SVG PM Gonsalves hit by a demonstrator during COVID vaccine protest

SVG PM Gonsalves hit by a demonstrator during COVID vaccine protest
SVG PM Gonsalves hit by a demonstrator during COVID vaccine protest

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: The Prime Minister of St Vincent & the Grenadines island – Ralph Gonsalves, was hit by a stone while moving for the Parliament session on Thursday.

He was immediately taken to Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

The incident took place when the Prime Minister was heading towards the Parliament session through a group of some 200 protesters when he was hit by a stone just above his temple.

The Prime Minister was bleeding profusely. During a Parliament session in the evening, Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves informed that the medical staff had suggested that the Prime Minister be flown to Barbados for an MRI scan.

The people are protesting related to the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine matter for the health officials.

Various videos have been circulated all over the internet, in which the Prime Minister is seen in the bath of blood. It is perceived that behind this incident, there is a hand of the opposition party.

Previous Thursday, the main opposition party – New Democratic Party, staged a street protest against the government’s considered mandatory vaccination law.

Last week the Prime Minister stated, “Given the amount of the misrepresentations and misinformation by some individuals about this Bill, it is necessary and desirable to put the record straight.”

Following the statement, the Prime Minister added, “The legislation of St Vincent and the Grenadines does not involve any legal penalty or punishment on anyone who fails or refuses to take the vaccine or test for COVID-19.”

The Office of the Prime Minister has issued a statement on the incident and stated that PM Gonsalves had informed his colleagues that he is recovering and affirms that no lawless mob would prevent him from doing the work for citizens.

“Such an act is to be unequivocally condemned. Equally to be condemned are the instigators and back-room authors of this kind of violence,” the press release statement noted.

The Press release further noted that PM Gonsalves, despite his injuries, has welcomed all peaceful demonstrations as a fundamental right enshrined in SVG’s constitution.