Dario Rahming, aged 17, from The Bahamas collapsed and passed away. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Student in The Bahamas passes away while playing basketball

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Sad news has come in from The Bahamas where the head boy of Queen’s College, Dario Rahming aged 17, passed away on Saturday. The incident has left the local community stupefied. Many are unable to come to terms with how such a young boy could just collapse for no apparent reason.

Dario passed away while playing basketball over the weekend and the post mortem report is supposed to delineate the true cause of his death, which remains a mystery till now.

Dario’s school, Queen’s College, took to social media to express its grief and stated the following on Facebook, “He was an extraordinary young man and our hearts are broken. We ask for your prayers for his family, friends, classmates and the entire Queen’s College community. We say that when one Comet shines, we all shine. But today, one of our Comets has fallen, so we fall as well”

Henry Knowles, the principle of the Queen’s College spoke to reporters as well. He said that Dario collapsed on school premises and was given CPR immediately by the staff. Unfortunately, he could not be revived despite repeated efforts.

“One of our nurses was on campus, she was outside with a sports event and she was able to be right there in place, she came and rushed to the clinic. The ambulances were called. They came in record time, and until then, we were doing everything we could on our side,” the principal said.

According to him incident was a “very hard moment” for him personally and is something that is has found hard to accept himself.

“He’s our head boy and last week, I think it was, we did an installation of him and all our senior leaders. I can say when he came on stage to get his tie pinned on him, the entire school went nuts. Everybody absolutely loves him. He’s an extraordinary young man. You can put him in front as a poster of what we want the young men of the nation to be, and we’re all so heartbroken because of it”

“He’s smart. He’s a devout Christian. He preaches. He’s not a selfish young man. He’s well spoken. He’s humble. He’s very mannerly, and he’s caring,” the principal said.

He also added that “this is a very hard moment for all of us and we’re praying for the family, you know, we’re praying for the entire staff and the Queen’s College community.”

The feeling of grief though, extends far beyond the walls of the school and Dario’s family. The local community on the whole is saddened by the incident and has found it difficult to explain the circumstances.

The loss of a brilliant young man has been a hard pill for many to swallow.