St Lucia Health Ministry observes World No Tobacco Day 2022
St Lucia Health Ministry observes World No Tobacco Day 2022
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St Lucia: Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Ministry joined the World Health Organization in observance of World No Tobacco Day on May 31, 2022. The theme this year, “Tobacco: Threat to our environment”, is an opportune reminder of the importance of maintaining smoke-free environments.

The Public Health (Smoking Control) Amendment of 2019 and Regulations of 2020 are important smoking control laws in St Lucia which offer protection from the harms of smoking. According to the legislation, smoking cigarettes, other electronic devices, or any other substance is now prohibited in businesses and workplaces, public places like bars, restaurants, parks, and beaches, likewise in public transports, taxis, and terminals. Buy and purchase of cigarettes by and to minors is also prohibited, and cigarettes can no longer be sold within proximity to schools, educational, health, religious, and sports facilities.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs reminds the public and business entities that the six-month grace period for adjustment and compliance ended in December 2020 and encourages business entities to ensure compliance for signage and other requirements.

Everybody needs to be aware of these smoking control laws and support the smoking restrictions to ensure our health and safety; fines for offenses are up to EC$5,000.00 for individuals or EC$10,000.00 for business entities on summary conviction.

In this era of COVID-19, smoking and exposure to smoking are unhealthy practices since they are associated with adverse outcomes for those who contract the disease.

The Ministry further mentioned, “Let’s play our part and ensure a safe and healthy environment for all of us and the generations to come.

A smoke-free generation starts with you and me!

For more information please contact the Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariatat 468-7921 or email at”