St Lucia: Extension of COVID-19 protocols until February 3rd

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St Lucia: Government of St Lucia announced that, to continue to manage the Covid-19 pandemic in St Lucia, the existing protocols will extend until Wednesday, 3rd February 2021.

On January 22nd, 2021, the Government of St Lucia rolled out a series of Covid-19 prevention and control protocols for ten days to reduce non-essential movement to restrict coronavirus spread.


Major announcements have been made, including all groups and businesses should be a complete move to staff members and board meetings being held virtually/online platform where possible.

All Business Operations And Commercial works Must End By 9:00 PM Daily. Separate provisions apply for necessity Service, Manufacturing and Agricultural, Call Centres, and the Hotel sector.

Gas stations, supermarkets and malls, financial services (inclusive of insurance, all with a blended approach), food places (take out turn only), manufacturing, exports, hardware, and other stores, public transportation like buses and taxi, vendors on rotation with policies, agricultural sector, call centers, hotels for international guests, doctor’s offices, Diagnostic and labs and other health support services, pharmacies, law offices, and accounting offices with a blended approach, utility companies, media services, customs clearance, and brokerage services, postal/courier services, auto garage services, auto parts, and auto tire repair services.

Essential Government services including critical government agencies/ministries, hospitals, fire stations, police and immigration, Air and seaports, infrastructure department, NEMO, public utility companies need to follow protocols.

No social Gatherings in this current situation. In public and private meetings, individuals are to limit their contact with their immediate households.

All Daily, Regular Church, and Religious Services may operate using a blended physical and online services approach. Where there is such physical service, such an assembly is limited to Twenty-five (25) persons, including religious leaders and other service officials.

Separate provisions apply for special religious rites, including Christenings, Weddings, and Funerals. Liquor licenses remain suspended until February 10th 2021.

Restaurants and Food Vendors restrict services to “Take-Away” only, as “In-Dining” Services is strictly prohibited.

All Non-Contact and Contact Sporting Activities, Inclusive of In-Door and outdoor pieces of training, local competitions, gym workouts, or social activities are banned. Special provisions apply for individual or immediate family households to exercise in a safe, open-air space.

All schools (public and private) remain physically shut and exclusively operational via virtual instruction/teaching. Government is hoping to fight this pandemic with great plan of action.

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