St Lucia experiences spike in COVID-19 cases

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St Lucia: Health officials of St Lucia reported 214 new cases of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness on Sunday announced that it received recognition from the Ezra Long Laboratory of 214 new cases of coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness stated the 214 confirmed cases came from a batch of 701 tests of specimens taken during the period January 27 to January 29, 2021.

Today, the Ministry of Health also recorded one new coronavirus related death bringing the total number of fatalities in the nation to nineteen.

Death #19 is a 57-year-old male from the Castries district with repetitious underlying ailments.

On January 22, 2021, he was admitted and was in demanding care when he passed away on February 6, 2021.

The Ministry of Health lengthens condolences to the family and loved ones of this individual.

A Facebook user commented, “At this point, there is nothing that can be done . St Lucian’s let us all follow the protocols to keep safe. To my PM, you and Dominic are the cause of the rise in cases. When we were trying to follow protocols, you people were busy making jingles to entice visitors. Covid-19 came here by plane in grand style. Now you look at your people in the eye every day and lie to them. Now, all we can do is try to protect our lives. Where is the justice.”

Another Facebook user wrote, “Honestly, if the people were not telling the truth, God will deal with them cause all of a sudden they just start having endless deaths so last year y’all could’ve controlled it only reach 30 something all of a sudden y’all cannot control it .”

Another resident commented, “Stop lying to the ppl of the country about covid deaths. is it that when someone dies in them times, you just say it’s covid-19.”

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