St Kitts and Nevis welcomes five cruises on Tuesday

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St Kitts and Nevis: Five cruise ships docked in Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis on Tuesday. It is to be noted that the call of the vessels on the island signifies the boom in the tourism sector of the island nation. 

The arrival of the cruise ships, will play a huge role in enhancing the tourism sector of the island nation. Tourism is considered to be the main industry of St Kitts and Nevis and growth in this sector will directly benefit the economic conditions of the country.

The welcoming of the ships will also open many doors of opportunity for the locals and create a surge in several services, including guided tours, shops, restaurants, and many other facilities.

As per the schedule, the vessels that made their call to the island nation were Club Med 2, Aida Luna, Explorer of the Seas and Evirma. Notably, one ship, which was initially postponed due to inclement weather conditions, also made their call on the said day.

Club Med 2, one of the world’s largest sailing ships, has the capacity to accommodate 386 passengers along with a crew member of 214. The ship offers numerous facilities to its visitors, including ballroom dancing, a bridge, music, water sports, and a comfortable stay.

Aida Luna, a cruise ship, is owned by US-based Carnival Corp and is operated by AIDA Cruises. The ship holds the capacity to welcome approx. 2100 passenger. The highlighted factor in the ship is Theatrium. It is a three-level complex that can be transformed into a theatre. It is an onboard cinema fitted with moving chairs.

Explorer of the Seas. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Explorer of the Seas. Picture Credits: FB accounts

Explorer of the Seas is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. It is a Voyager-class cruise ship which has the capacity to accommodate over 3000 visitors. The ship provides its visitors with the most beautiful ocean views and also offers them luxurious and comfortable suites.

Evirma accommodates 298 visitors and provides them with the best accommodation facilities, which include a king-sized bed, private balcony, flat-screen television, and many other facilities.

Moreover, the nation will welcome many other vessels in the upcoming days, including Icon of the Seas, Royal Clipper, Celebrity Ascent, MSC Seaside, Star Flyer, and many others.

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