St Kitts and Nevis passport gets visa free travel to 145 countries. (Image credits: Google images)

St Kitts and Nevis sign Mutual Visa Exemption with Zimbabwe

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St Kitts and Nevis has signed an agreement with Zimbabwe which will allow its citizens to travel to the African nation without a visa. This facility has been made available after the signing of a Mutual Visa Exemption between the two nations.

The United Nations General Debate in New York, acted as the backdrop for the signing of this agreement.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dr Denzel Douglas and his Zimbabwean counterpart, Frederick Shava were the primary signatories of the agreement.

The representatives of both nations stated that a visa exemption of this ilk would allow the citizens of both nations to travel with ease and enhance cultural exchange to a large degree.

Following this development, it is interesting to note that the holder of a St Kitts and Nevis passport, now has the ability and freedom to travel to 145 countries around the world without the need for a travel visa.

The two nations established diplomatic ties on the 30th November 2021. Since then, they have made great strides in different regards.

Having said that, progress between the two nations is said to have stalled since signing the agreement according to a statement which says, “there has not been any significant cooperation between the two countries since the signing of the agreement.”

The reasons for this are unknown, but it is likely that St Kitts and Nevis and Zimbabwe will be able to revert back to more congenial relations. Considering the fact that St Kitts and Nevis has made a name for itself by maintaining deep and fruitful ties with multiple nations around the world, it is plausible that a similar chain of events could occur with Zimbabwe.

It is interesting to note though, that forums for international cooperation, such as the United Nations General Debate have facilitated positive dialogue among many nations. Such is the case between St Kitts and Nevis and Zimbabwe as well.

Despite speculations on the nature of the relationship between the two nations, it must be noted that agreements which are already in place between them have made the lives of their citizens easier. Not just that, but such facilities have also given more freedom and opportunities to the people of both the countries.

In hindsight, regardless of the questions surrounding the two nations, the developments up till now, such as they are, are quite positive.