St Kitts and Nevis PM Terrance Drew monitors medical care facilities islandwide
St Kitts and Nevis PM Terrance Drew monitors medical care facilities islandwide
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St Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis – Dr Terrance Drew, on October 14, 2022, visited two hospitals in the country to monitor the medical care provided in the facilities. On Friday, he visited the Pogson Hospital in Sandy Point and the JNF General Hospital of St Kitts and Nevis.

During the visit to the Pogson Hospital in Sandy Point, PM Terrance Drew gave a tour of the facilities. The nurses, staff and residents are pleased with the recent change made by the newly elected government to ensure that a medical doctor is available around the clock. This addition is a part of the government’s drive to improve medical care and the overall delivery of healthcare services in Sandy Point and surrounding communities.

The Director of Health Institutions within the Ministry of Health, Dr Jenson Morton; Press Secretary Adelcia Connor-Ferlance; and Kenneth Douglas, accompanied the Prime Minister during the hospital tour.

Additionally, PM Drew also visited JNF General Hospital as a part of his tour and encountered a challenge that had to be rectified immediately. There was a challenge in getting the bloodlines for the dialysis machines, and so he thought that the staff quickly had to improvise and make sure that they dealt with the situation by changing up the shift in which people are given dialysis.

Prime Minister Drew extended thanks and noted, “I want to thank them for being innovative with respect to dealing with the challenge.”

“We have been able to get in the bloodlines, which are the lines that are important to working the dialysis machine. That line we are talking about is what allows the blood to go out, go through the machine, and then come back into the patient. We have resolved that to this moment, and we will ensure that the situation is continuously dealt with. So at this moment, operations are back to normal, patients are receiving their treatment, and I wish all the patients well,” he added.

He further expressed heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the nursing staff at the Haemodialysis Unit for their tremendous work and continued sacrifice in making sure that this life-saving treatment is available here for the people of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.