St Kitts and Nevis: Introducing Iana Franks- Caricom Youth Ambassador 2022-2024

St Kitts and Nevis: Introducing Iana Franks- Caricom Youth Ambassador 2022-2024

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St Kitts and Nevis: Iana Franks, 27 years old, is currently employed at the St Kitts-Nevis National Bank. She left St Kitts in 2019 to initially pursue a bachelor’s degree in Management Studies. Her career path quickly changed, as she found herself involved in prevalent conversations with her peers on contemporary Caribbean issues.

As a third-year student- now majoring in International Relations, it became apparent that she needed to be more involved in the social, economic and political conversations plaguing her country.

Iana’s passion for local, regional and International Relations and social change was illuminated due to later exposure to the topic with the realization that we are responsible for our country’s future. It has since motivated her involvement in social responsibilities, leadership efforts and advocacy initiatives.

During her University tenure, Iana positioned herself in leadership roles and has participated in events that have positively contributed to her professional development. Iana was the Chairwoman for the Health and Wellness committee, Mona and two termed Culture and

Entertainment chairwoman of the St Kitts Nevis Jamaica Student Association.

Her involvement in social change continues to grow as she is one of the founders and producers of Sugar Curate- an independent, nonpartisan online platform used to illuminate socio-economic issues, educate our communities, and allow youths to have an opinion and voice.

Moreover, she was chosen as the St Kitts Nevis representative at the 41st UNESCO General Conference, which happened at the UNESCO Headquarters, in Paris, on 23 November 2021.

During this undertaking, Iana was chosen as the youth rapporteur to the Caribbean and Latin America Region and was able to make significant and meaningful contributions to the global outcome document on behalf of the region.

As an avid lover of arts and culture, Iana is a creative dance teacher, focusing on Aerial Dance, Performances & Arts since 2016 at POISESKN- a multi-discipline company offering creative, entertainment and personal services in areas such as dance, pageantry and promotional marketing.

Iana is from the small developing federation of St Kitts-Nevis. She believes that for development to take place, we must take the call to make a small yet rousing change within our communities and country.