SKN hosts ‘Our hope is in you’ initiative amid Christmas

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St Kitts and NevisThe joy of the Christmas season and the sweetness of traditional carols will be showcased as the Department of Culture performs the famous “In the Spirit of Christmas” programme following the theme “Our Hope is in You.”

The celebration began on December 07 at the Antioch Baptist Church at Lime Kiln and will continue until December 09, 2020. It showcases a broad assortment of skills in St Kitts and Nevis where people come collectively to share the love and produce joy to many people. “In the Spirit of Christmas” also appeals that Christmas spirit, particularly at a moment when many are faced with difficulties posed by Coronavirus.

Minister of Culture, Jonel Powell, who inaugurated the event on December 07, said the theme is appropriate and fitting.

“This is not only so wonderful, but it is also suitable. It is said that Christmas is a season for giving and sharing and surely, this is remarkably certain at this period in our past,” said Minister Powell. “By now you understand that there are so many people in our Nationa who have their faith in us. Hope is in us for a small something to get their lives strong, be it money or kind or both. And this is something this time of the year is about. This is what Christmas is surrounding, not just the birth of Christ, but also a season for presenting and sharing extra.”

Minister Powell stated that St. Kitts and Nevis is a blissful nation and all praise and glory should be given to God, particularly at such a challenging course.

“We must give gratitude to the Almighty God for bringing us as a person, as a people, and as a nation this far amidst greatest trying moments. With everything the world has been through and is yet going by, we can truly say that we are blessed,” stated the culture minister.

He stated that as a Federation we must give thanks for barely having 25 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 (20 have recovered and five are active) and no deaths. At the same time, he highlighted that 207 nations throughout the world have had more confirmed cases of the Covid-19 than St Kitts and Nevis.

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