Sheroes Academy contributes towards Gender Equality, recognizes UNESCO Caribbean

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UNESCO Caribbean recognized Sheroes Academy for the initiative they took in the form of campaign “Leaving no one Behind” to promote gender equality in the region. This was 16 days long campaign and two editions have been introduced to it; Equality and Equal Ability.


An edition, Equality of the campaign “Leaving no one Behind” is set with an objective of championing the empowerment of marginalized women in the Caribbean. Such a campaign seeks to provide a platform to all the women and girls of the region to connect and express themselves by putting forth their views, concerns to the wider public.

Notably, the campaign as well aims at obtaining the data from the groups in the situations of vulnerability which can help fighting against inequalities. For this campaign, the members from several Caribbean countries have joined their hands together. List to which is as follows:

  • Phoenix Taylor from Jamaica
  • WeniskaRolle from Bahamas
  • Naren Deonarine From Trinidad and Tobago
  • Ranako Bailey from Barbados
  • Alliah Simon from Guyana
  • Bianca St Ange from Saint Lucia
  • Donaldo Marcelus from St Maarten
  • Oniscia Bruno And from Dominica
  • Dominic Horne from Saint Vincent and Grenada

Equal Ability

Another edition, Equal Ability under the campaign “Leaving no one Behind” is set keeping in mind the women and girls who are with disabilities. Such women and girls face double discrimination that place them at higher risk of gender-based violence, sexual abuse, maltreatment and exploitation.

Such an edition is focused on encouraging the development of life skills, communication skills, and self confidence among girls and women with disabilities. Also, this will help in encouraging public policies to ensure the integrity of women and girls in different spheres of social life.

Further, this will lead towards raising awareness about legal rights of women and girls with disabilities to eliminate discrimination and stigma. Team members for this as well belong to different countries of the Caribbean region which are as follows:

  • Rhoda Essien from Antigua and Barbuda
  • Lourdes McKenzie from Belize
  • Stephanie Ferreira from Aruba
  • Deshawn Cooke from Jamaica
  • Armelle Rose Williams from Haiti
  • Necoll Herelle from Saint Lucia
  • Alexandra Ghany from Trinidad and Tobago

Role of “Leaving no one behind” in Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are connected with the sustainable world through various ways. In this, the campaign will play a pivotal role in meeting the SDGs by addressing the healthcare needs of women and girls to ensure their well-being.

This will also promote gender equality by raising the awareness for the rights of women which further will help in reducing inequalities.

George Henry
George Henry
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