Shane Parris loses his life in first murder case of 2024 in Barbados

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Barbados registered its first murder case of 2024. The officials have identified the victim as 31-year-old Shane Parris, a resident of Mangrove, St Philip. The murder occurred at Nursery No. 2, Four Roads, St Philip, at around 11:05 am.

According to the information, the Barbados Police Service registered a report on the shooting incident that took place on Saturday, 13 January 2024.

Notably, the authorities shared the details of the incident, stating that Shane Parris was moving towards the roadway when a motor vehicle pulled up. Subsequently, a man from the car came out of the vehicle, approached the victim and killed him.

As per the details, the suspect fired several shots at Shane Parris and later flew away from the crime spot. The suspect is still not known, but the authorities are trying their best to get him arrested for his/her offence.

The Barbados Police Service has requested the citizens of the island nation to share the details with them if they have any regarding the incident. The authorities have also shared the contact details so that a person with any kind of concern or information can contact them.

The informer can contact the District C Police Station by dialling 416 8200/04, or they can dial the police emergency number, which is 211. The residents can help the authorities by contacting Crime Stoppers at 1800 8477.

The authorities have assured that they will keep the details of the informer disclosed, prioritizing the safety of the citizens.

Moreover, the citizens of the community have also responded to the matter by sharing their views through their comments on Facebook. One of the people with a Facebook account, Muriel Mottley, commented, “What’s wrong with y’all and these shootings? This is not how you grew up, and Barbados never knew about this foolishness. Stop the madness and keep the country good for tourism and fellow neighbours. We always have a good reputation. Don’t act like these other countries. PEACE.”

While another person with Facebook handle, Caleb Watson commented the following “Those peaceful moments are gone forever.”

There is an urgent need for the Barbados Police Service to take some stringent measures to curb the crime rates, ensuring the peaceful environment of the island nation.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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