Saint Lucia’s tourism authority aims to welcome 10% more visitors as compared to 2023

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The tourism authority of Saint Lucia aims to welcome an additional 10% of cruise visitors in 2024 as the island nation witnessed the arrival of 614,980 cruise visitors in 2023. These figures shed light on the unwavering commitment and dedication of Saint Lucia’s tourism authority towards developing the sector.

As per the details, these figures were unveiled in Seatrade Cruise Global at the Miami Beach Convention Center which was held from 8th to 11th April 2024. The island nation actively participated in the event displayed the unparalleled beauty of the island nation and offered unique and advanced services to its international audience.

The event was led by several team members which includes, including Guibion Ferdinand, the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Grace Parkinson, Deputy Chair of the Saint Lucia Tourism Association, Dexter Percil, Head of Marketing and the local cruise agencies and staff members. 

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

The dignitaries attended the meeting and held several important discussions with media representatives, trade partners and key cruise line executives with the motive to boost the tourism sector and witness advancement and growth in the island nation. 

Along with that, the tourism authority made several strategic cruise plans and shed light on the rich culture and diverse attractions which makes Saint Lucia the leading Caribbean Adventure Tourism and Nature Destination. 

Moreover, in 2024 the cruise vessels including Virgin Voyage Valiant Lady, Norwegian Sky and Seven Seas Grandeur made their inaugural visits to the island nation and welcomed over 5000 passengers at the shores of the island nation. The passengers also got an opportunity to explore the beautiful hot-spot destinations of the island nation.

The visitors who arrived through cruises were also given a platform to explore the vibrant culture and traditions of the island nation. Therefore, the tourism authority is hoping to increase the number of passengers this year with the main vision of enhancing the economic conditions of the nation.

Minister of Tourism of Saint Lucia, Ernest Hilaire is also making continuous efforts in order to promote Saint Lucia as a must-visit destination. They also have a plethora of activities which they offer to its travellers in order to make their visit memorable and comfortable.

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