Saint Lucia’s Fishing Village youth celebrates Good Deeds Day 2024

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Saint Lucia: The youth of the fishing village of Saint Lucia showed up for their efforts for the Good Deeds Day, taking the lead in spreading kindness. Good Deeds Day 2024 is being pushed in collaboration with the Do-Nation Foundation.

The Good Deeds Day started with a Church Service at the Roman Catholic Church of Canaries, followed by painting a vibrant mural, cooking up delicious local meals, and participating in a community cleanup.

Considerably, Do-Nation Foundation of Saint Lucia tackles the social ills faced by the people of Saint Lucia through an approach by engaging highly skilled volunteer professionals to carry out. As a part of the celebrations of Good Deeds Day, the youth of the fishing village are seen painting the walls, distributing the eatables, and cleaning garbage from the streets.

“Even the contestants for Ms. Good Deeds Day 2024 lent their support, adding to the significance of the day,” mentioned the Good Deeds Day.

The Good Deeds Day marks great significance in improving the lives of people and making the world change positively. The day is also dedicated to doing good as a global movement of people.

This day has been celebrated since 2007, millions of people and thousands of organizations from 110 countries unite every year to volunteer and do good. This acts as a global change maker who desires for living in a better world to take impactful action through certain aspects.

The vision of the day celebrated in the countries considers the simple idea that every single person can do something good, large or small. The day was introduced and organized by the NGO Ruach Tova, known for Good Spirit, which is an Israel-based national volunteer center.

“I believe that if people will think good, speak good, and do good, the circles of goodness will grow in the world,” mentioned the organization responsible for Good Deeds Day.

George Henry
George Henry
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