Castries, Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia Sports Academy students are going to travel and compete in two competitions this weekend as the 2nd leg of the Caribbean pole vault league, held in Martinique.

Notably, these sports students achieved success in the Saint Lucia Pole Vault Summit, which was held in October. As a result, current and past players are getting into the sport with the hope of representing their nation at CARIFTA and beyond one day.

The list of the travelling group is mentioned below:

– Jackie Louison (Form 1)

– Joselle Denis (Form 1)

– Sherelle Etienne (Form 1)

– Elim Estava (Form 2)

– Clint Dickson (Form 3, 2024 CARIFTA hopeful)

– Tedre O’Neil (Form 5, 2023 CARIFTA 4th place, St Vincent and the Grenadines Record Holder)

– Jeremiah Felix (2022 and 2023 CARIFTA Silver Medalist, #4 All-Time Saint Lucian)

– Arthur- Lee Willlam (Alumni, 2023 CARIFTA Qualifier)

It is to be noted that the players will be accompanied by Assistant Manager Yandra Victorine and Coach Andy Behl.

Schedule of the competitions

The first competition is going to be held on Saturday, November 25, 2023, from 8-11 am at Francois.

The second competition is scheduled on Sunday, November 26, 2023, from 8-11 am at Riviere Salee.

Saint Lucia Sports Academy extended their vote of thanks to all the parents, school staff and the Ministry of Education who supported the costs and logistics for their students on the trip.

They also showed their gratitude to UCS/Spirit, who donated t-shirts for the Saint Lucia Pole Vault Summit. Their donation continues to get mileage across the islands for their students.

Saint Lucia Sports Academy

Saint Lucia Sports Academy is a school of excellence for sports. It is the first and only boarding school on the island where students focus on sporting disciplines, including football, cricket, track and field.

This academy has become a home away from home for 37 students, where they are provided with all the necessary tools to support their journey, including school supplies, equipment and uniforms.