Saint Lucian DPM Ernest Hilaire shares glimpse of Showcase 2023
Saint Lucian DPM Ernest Hilaire shares glimpse of Showcase 2023 || Picture Courtesy: DPM Ernest Hilaire (Facebook)

Castries, Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investment and Creative Industries – Dr Ernest Hilaire, took to his official social media to share a glimpse of the third day of the Showcase Saint Lucia 2023.

Deputy Prime Minister mentioned that on Day 3, many stakeholders and potential clients met with each other and discussed all the important aspects. Numerous ideas as well as approaches were discussed during these meetings.

Through social media, the Tourism Minister emphasised, “Meetings and more meetings dominated the third day of Showcase! Hey, it is part of the beat.”

He furthermore noted that many partners want to meet and discuss their ideas and approaches, which they would rather do in private, and, of course, this is quite necessary.

According to the Minister of Tourism of Saint Lucia, the third day was different and ended with another travel agent engagement in Windsor.

He informed that the agents were totally immersed in a Saint Lucian experience. “We were again joined by Export Saint Lucia, who highlighted Saint Lucian products and showed off some of the items which formed part of the authentic experience of Saint Lucia. For the second night, every item could be sold. Well done, Minister Hippolyte, Sunita and her team!” DPM Ernest Hilaire mentioned.

The Showcase 2023 was held from September 11 to 15, 2023, in London, the United Kingdom. The event has welcomed various potential stakeholders and travel partners, offering a place to discuss various ideas and approaches.

Earlier, Minister Hilaire updated about Day 2 and outlined that the travel partners came together for lunch. He further notified that in the evening of the same day, more than 70 travel agents received the presentation of travel partners from Saint Lucia.

On this day as well, Export Saint Lucia presented itself as the Brand Saint Lucia Initiative. As per the reports, it shared the efforts and offerings of Export Saint Lucia with agents and other travel industry representatives.