Soft opening of the Morne Layby Park. (Picture courtesy- Government of Saint Lucia, Facebook)

Saint Lucia to open Morne Layby Park on Sunday

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Castries, Saint Lucia- Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information will be hosting a soft opening of Morne Layby Park on Sunday, October 8, which also coincides with the opening of the cruise season. 

Morne Layby Park is a “Picturesque spot” which has been serving travel enthusiasts and vendors over the decades. 

Due to structural challenges arising at the Morne Layby, the Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information collaborates with the Morne Layby vendors to identify a safe and secure alternative scenic stop to replace the current scenic lookout. 

Based on mutual consent between the Ministry of Tourism and the Morne Layby vendors, a new substitute site located several yards north of the Morne Layby and directly opposite the Governor General’s entrance gate has been established. It aims to serve vendors, tour operators and visitors in the same way.

This substitute site will offer a breathtaking view of the Castries Harbour and the north of the island and comes equipped with toilet facilities and a safe space for vending opportunities.

Eye-catching features of Morne Layby Park:

The Morne Layby scenic point is a “must-stop viewing point” where many tourists witness its magnificent sight. It is an attractive vantage point on the harbor and the Bay of Castries on a fairly new, stable wooden structure.

Up there, one comes across a moderately wide, winding road- rather unsuitable for pedestrians along with some souvenir shops.

It is believed that it is actually called Morne Fortune Lay-by, and it was originally named Morne Dubuc. During the French colonial era, it was renamed to its current name.

Historical background of Morne Layby Park: In 1768, the French selected this elevated vantage point to begin constructing their primary fort on Saint Lucia, and it was finished in 1784. Morne Fortune is an 853-foot hill overlooking Castries Harbor. 

Guard Cells and Stables on Morne Fortune is indeed admirable. On the left are three guard cells used as a jail for soldiers. On the right are the remains of a horse stable. Both structures were built by the French from 1763- 1765.

Saint Lucia is a popular tourist destination due to its scenery, weather and large number of beaches. This amazing part of the world attracts travellers from everywhere with its pristine beauty and the opportunity to be completely united with nature.