Saint Lucia: RSLPF partners with SLHTA, provides voucher to less fortunate

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force partnered with Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association to extend their help to the needy members of the Northern Division Community.

Notably, the Northern Division Community Relations Branch of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force hosted the annual Christmas. In this event, they provided vouchers to the eligible community members of the Northern Division Police Districts.

The Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association sponsored this initiative who shares a long-lasting partnership with the Gros Islet Police Station and by the extension of Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

Moreover, the Social Transformation Officer of the Gros Islet district, David Moise ensured in building a strong community relation, which will play a huge role in making sure that the gift of vouchers reach to the community members.

It is to be noted, the activity took place in the Gross-Islet Human Resource Centre. In this initiative, 30 individuals were given vouchers of $250 each. This activity brough smiles on the faces of the recipients, as these gifts of good fortune demonstrated the immediate impact of such donations.

The event was attended by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Elvis Thomas, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Bernard and the other officials from the Gros-Islet Police Force, Babonneau Police Station, Dennery Police Station and Richfond Police Station.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force also extended their heartfelt gratitude to the saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association for their co-operation and support.

It was mentioned by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in their Facebook post, that such kind of collaborations will bridge the gap between the public and the police. It will also bring cheer to few families this year.

Further, the TEF (Tourism Enhancement Fund) of Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association’s started their Annual Christmas Food on Wednesday, 20 December 2023. This year, they provided $93,000 in food vouchers to the less fortunate people.

In this initiative, Tourism Enhancement Fund’s Chairman, Winston Anderson shared their views on this initiative and stated that “It always gives us great joy to undertake our Annual Christmas drive. This initiative to provide an added opportunity to directly impact the communities, embody the true spirt of giving and put smiles on recipients faces.”

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