Saint Lucia my witness few scattered showers on Christmas 2022, predict Met Dept
Saint Lucia my witness few scattered showers on Christmas 2022, predict Met Dept

Saint Lucia: The Meteorological Department of the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia has released the weather update for December 25, 2022, Christmas Day. The forecast was presented by the forecaster Webster Gajadhar.

The weather will remain fair and breezy in Saint Lucia for the next 24 hours. The island nation will witness clouds at times, causing a few scattered showers.


According to the weather forecast by the department of Saint Lucia, the waves at sea will be locally rough, with around 6 to 9 feet or 1.8 to 2.7 metres. It further asked the small craft operators, along with sea bathers, to exercise caution due to brisk winds and rough seas.

As per the update, the present weather at Hewanorra Airport is partly cloudy, and the present temperature at Hewanorra Airport is around 26°C or 79°F. The wind speed at the Airport was recorded as equal to 23 mph or 37 km/h from the East direction.

The department further claimed that the minimum temperature at Hewanorra Aiport, last night, was 25°C or 77°F.

The recorded rainfall, with stopped at 2 in the morning, in the period of 24 hours was 4.0 mm. As per the statics by the meteorological department, the total precipitation recorded in the month of December (till December 25) is around 39.1 mm.

The predicted sunset timing on December 25 is 5:43 pm, whereas on December 26, the sun will rise at 6:25 am.

Furthermore, the forecaster provided a brief about the weather for the Lesser Antilles. The area will witness similar weather as the island country of Saint Lucia – fair, breezy, causing clouds at a time with scatters showers.

The weather summary for Saint Lucia and nearby regions is as follows:

The Atlantic High-Pressure System will persist in generating average to brisk easterly winds and rough seas around the Eastern Caribbean region during the next few days.
Patches of low-level clouds embedded within the wind flow will cause occasional showers over the Lesser Antilles during the next 24 hours.