Saint Lucia: HelpAWS updates about miserable life of little pup
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS updates about miserable life of little pup || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS (Facebook)

Castries, Saint Lucia: The dog shelter organisation of Saint Lucia, HelpAWS has recently shared heartbreaking update about newly welcomed pup. While sharing about it, the organisation informed that it’s always difficult to see any animal that has clearly been so neglected; they are skin and bones. Often covered in fleas and starving. It’s even more heart breaking when it is just a young puppy who came into this world only to be immediately disregarded.

It also mentioned that this little one has never known anything but hunger and fear. It’s his norm; he has no idea that life isn’t supposed to be that way or that anything else even exists. “But we are about to change that!” it added.


HelpAWS further added, “We are so thankful someone cared enough to bring him into the shelter where he can learn that kindness and love exist. He is very timid, and we know it will take some time for him to begin to realize he deserves both. We will get there with patience and dedication.”

“We look forward to the day when he greets us with some wiggly tail wags and kisses! As we continue to fill every corner of the shelter with animals in desperate need, we fear that the growing costs and expenditures outweigh the donations coming in, and we may again be over budget,” it further claimed.

While mentioning about the donations and support from the followers, it stated, “We know we wouldn’t be able to care for them without your support and continued donations, both of which we are so thankful for! Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated, and if you are able to help, please consider donating via e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle to or to @helpaws using Venmo.”