Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares update about fundraising event, asks followers to donate
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares update about fundraising event, asks followers to donate || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS

Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the dog shelter organisation of Saint Lucia, shares an update on the recently concluded Benevity program, in which they hosted a fundraising event. The animal welfare organisation mentioned, “Benevolence – an act of kindness or well-meaning! So many people reach out to express interest in helping us, many of whom are not in a financial position to donate a large sum of money but want to know HOW they can have an impact and make a difference in this world.”

It further explained that one way to do so is by checking to see if your employer partners with BENEVITY, a giving platform for company employees. If so, your company also probably matches employee donations to the non-profit organisation or charity of your choice. That means every dollar you are able to donate to HelpAWS through this program would double in value! You can even convert time spent volunteering for a non-profit organisation or charity to dollars using your company’s Benevity program!

According to the post, a HelpAWS adopter recently initiated a fundraising event this way, utilising her employer’s Benevity program. By gathering donations from family, friends and co-workers and then submitting those donations, which her employer matched dollar for dollar, through her employer’s Benevity program, HelpAWS received a whopping $17K donation!

“We can’t even begin to tell you how needed this was, and how many animals benefited from this act of generosity as well as kindness,” it mentioned adding, “HelpAWS relies solely on donations to fund our vital work in Saint Lucia, to date, the organisation has received more than $29,000 in donations made through the Benevity program.”

Furthermore, it stated most fortune 500, as well as larger companies, have some sort of giving platform established for their employees. If your company utilises Benevity or a giving platform software like this, your funds to HelpAWS – or even a fundraising initiative that YOU initiate – could be matched for an even greater impact!

HelpAWS also mentioned that with the shelter constantly full to capacity and so many animals continuing to need special care, we are graciously asking you, our support system and our “village”, to find out if the company you work for utilises Benevity. “If they do, we would LOVE to coordinate with you to set up a fundraising event to benefit HelpAWS, so we can continue the vital work we do, advocating for and rescuing so many animals in need,” it mentioned.