Saint Lucia: Helpaws shares adoption update about 2 pupies, read more to adopt

Saint Lucia: Helpaws shares adoption update about 2 pupies, read more to adopt

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Saint Lucia: Charitable Organisation “Helpaws,” has recently shared the updates about the adoption of two little pups – Riley and Cooper.

The post by the Charitable Organisation read:

Sometimes the road to “happily ever after” is a treacherous one, full of blind corners and slippery slopes. I saw Riley running in the road while on my way to a doctor’s appointment one day. Unable to catch him at that time, I was determined to find him on our way home. Not only did I find him, but he led me to his brother, Cooper!

They were both doing well until one morning; we found that Cooper was suddenly unable to move. It was heart-breaking to see this perfect, sweet, energetic little soul lying in the corner of the pen, completely lame. Over the next several days, his legs got swollen, and he remained immobile, but the light of his sweet personality never dimmed.

Our wonderful vet suggested he may be suffering from hypertrophic osteodystrophy, an auto-inflammatory disease of the bones often seen in fast-growing puppies of larger breeds. Cooper and Riley were very malnourished when we found them and were gaining weight rapidly once they were at the shelter.

It was so sad to watch little Coop struggle day after day. Thankfully, he started to respond to medication and daily physical therapy. Like the champion he is, Cooper’s will to survive, coupled with the love and care he received, he recovered. It was such a joyous moment to arrive at the shelter one morning and see that he was sitting up and taking tentative steps. Over the next several days, we continued to work with Cooper as he got stronger and became more stable. These are the moments we live for!

Sometimes the path to where we’re going is ruff, but we are thrilled to see Cooper and Riley so close to crossing the finish line. They are both healthy, and Cooper’s health issues will not affect him in the future! They are finding their forever homes and starting their journey to the next chapter in their lives.

To learn more about Cooper and Riley, you can watch their highlight reels on our Instagram page or go to, where you can read their bios and complete an online adoption application.