Saint Lucia govt confirms new cost of electronic passport
Saint Lucia govt confirms new cost of electronic passport

Saint Lucia: The Government has confirmed that the cost of the new electronic passport shall stand at the initially proposed EC$250 per passport for five years. The approval for the amendment of passport fees came after Cabinet met on Monday, July 11.

The official pronouncement will be followed by the gazetting of a Statutory Instrument to reflect the necessary amendments. After that, the relevant amendments to the Passport Act, caption. 10.03 shall come into force.

The new e-passport schedule is as follows: The e-passport is at $250; the replacement of passport before the expiry date is at $300; expedited or emergency services remain unchanged at $50; issuance of collective travel documents is at $75; issuance of a certificate of identity remains at $50. Permits for each extension of residence not exceeding 30 days at $200; live image capture is at $10; certification and endorsements at $20.

Meantime, the Department of Home Affairs is working with the Immigration Department, CBN and the Saint Lucia Border Control Agency to ensure that the e-passport goes live on Monday, July 25. The Government of Saint Lucia has been working with its trusted partner, Canadian Bank Note Company Limited (CBN), on this over USD$3 million project. The relationship with CBN has been ongoing since 2006 since the implementation of the island’s first Passport Issuing and Control System.

The new electronic passport features the latest technology in anti-counterfeit security measures, contains a microchip embedded in the rear cover of the booklet and adheres to modern international travel standards.